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Ethical Conduct

ACI and Codes of Conduct

ACI has always encouraged its membership to acknowledge, respect and adhere to principles of ethical behaviour. ACI has been an active part of the evolution towards new global standards in the Financial Markets. 

ACI is proud to have participated in the creation of the FX Global Code and believes that it provides an excellent framework for ethical conduct that will be enhanced and refined as market circumstances demand. 

As longstanding proponents and influencers of ethical conduct, ACI welcomes the progress made by the FX Working Group in respect of defining Code principles, governance and adherence.  An active member of the Market Participants Group reporting to the BIS FX Working Group, ACI contributed directly to this important industry initiative and will continue to contribute to the GFXC (Global Foreign Exchange Committee) that has assumed ownership and responsibility for the future development of the Code.   ACI will also participate directly in ongoing market consultation on specific Code Principles.

Global Committee for Professionalism (CFP)

ACI's longstanding Committee for Professionalism (CFP) comprises of industry-wide market practitioners representing the spectrum of financial markets participants and with broad and deep industry expertise. The CFP is responsible for oversight and review of the use cases and questions used to measure delegate understanding of practical applications of the 55 Principles set out in the Global Code of Conduct.

The CFP is responsible for developing and maintaining ACI FMA's proprietary market principles and practices guidelines (formerly ACI Model Code) which provide comprehensive guidance to market participants on broader financial markets best practices across the trading lifecycle from front end execution to back office processing.

In the event of a dispute, the CFP is able to offer expert guidance and recommendations for resolution. In certain cases, the Chair of the ACI CFP may be called as an expert witness.

 ACI Global CFP (Committee For Professionalism)

Deputy Chairman – ACI Global CFP

Keith Sedergreen